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Welcome & Warning !
                                                                WARNING !!!!
        Mature Language Warning! Hordecore Pwnographic strongly urges you to use your mature language filters and get parents permission if you are under the age of 18 due to mature language before joining the guild. Ventrilo is off limits to anyone under 18 years of age without parents permission. (Your parent has to get on and give us the O.K. so we can HEAR them) In-game guild chat should be turned off or mature language filter turned on as well. We do not and WILL NEVER infringe on ANYONES 1st amendment right to freedom of speech. Thank You.

                                                                WELCOME ! 
        We are a quickly rising universal guild. Meaning we accept all levels, races, classes, and playing styles. From PvP and Raids to PvE and questing to Arena junkies.

We have Ventrilo server provided by the Guild Master. We are currently doing daily guild dungeon runs for the weekly Guild Challenge. If you wish to raid you are welcome to start a raid team that you will maintain. We must first build a strong team, learn to play well together and make sure everyone on said team is dependable. Be sure your raid team is strong before making a set schedule.
      Our members are very friendly and helpful in the game, please just ask or create a calendar event if you need help.
        Everyone is allowed to create calendar events and also to invite anyone you like to the guild. This will allow you to build your teams easier.

Not many guild rules, but a couple and they are enforced. Violation of the guild rules will result in immediate termination from the guild and addition to the banned list.

Please remember, everything you do and your behavior toward other players not only reflects back on you, but the GUILD as well. Inappropriate behavior, INCLUDING but not limited to begging for gold is not permitted in this guild. If you need gold EARN it just like everyone else. Trolling trade and being a jackass when someone asks a simple question or is trying to recruit or sell something also reflects back to the guild and is grounds for IMMEDIATE dismissal from the guild without warning or explanation. We will NOT tolerate ANY inappropriate behavior of any kind. If you wish to be childish and ignorant, do it somewhere else. Spitting on people and other ignorant emotes, while permitted in-game will also not be be tolerated in this guild. There is absolutely no reason to spit on someone or act like a jerk. If you kill someone, they are dead, thats enough, spitting or making rude gestures is childish, ignorant, unpleasant and makes you look like an idiot. A little kindness and compassion for others goes a LONG way. If someone spits on you, laugh at them, spitting back is AGAIN childish and lowering yourself to their level.
I Play WoW-Jace Hall

We claim no rights to this video. Jace Hall is the creator of this song and video. All rights go to Jace Hall.
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Team Leaders Needed to start IMMEDIATELY !

CSButcher, Mar 6, 14 6:01 AM.
We need Team Leaders for Dungeons, Instances, Raids, RBG's and Arenas immediately. Please feel free to start teams for these aspects of the game if you like. You will be responsible for recruiting for your team, whether  it be current guildies interested in joining your team or if you recruit from trade or general chat is entirely up to you. You will be considered the Team Leader for your team and will be responsible for scheduling, maintaining and operating said team. You will be promoted to a Team Leader position within the guild upon accepting this responsibility. These things take time, dont expect to have a full team ready to go over night. Be patient, and have fun with it. Get to know each other and how each other play. I would like to see more events scheduled on the calendar and more active people recruiting for teams to get started on rated type content. Let me know if you need Vent to be reserved for your run so youre not interrupted by chatter. There should be separate channels available labeled for specific activities, please make sure another group is not using the channel before your team logs into the channel. Thank you and happy hunting.

Building a WINNING Guild RBG team !

CSButcher, Mar 6, 14 5:57 AM.
We are ready to begin running RBG's. If you have any guildless friends that would be interested in joining to participate, please invite them to the guild. If we do not have enough guild members to start an RBG team I will recruit for it and ask that you also ask around and find some RBG team members. I take my PvP VERY SERIOUSLY and am VERY strict about following BG objectives and WINNING, not farming HK's. There will be NO midfield farming on our RBG runs. If you like to sit mid in WSG and not cap flags or go straight for the flag in EotS, this team is NOT for you. Most BG's have a flag to defend. The opposing team WANTS the flag and will come TO it, we do not fight in roads, we fight ON those flags. In EotS we take bases and never go mid unless we have all 4 bases and are camping thier spawn. We will be playing to win and have no time for silliness or wannabe tough HK farmers. We will work as a team and play each individual BG the way it was designed to be WON. If you are interested in joining a no-nonsense WINNING RBG team, please let me know in the next 2 weeks and we will start our roster. Thank you.
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